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We believe in transparency and ethical policies. The disclosures are related to the advertised terms made through or by Afinoz.

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Advertising terms and conditions:

  • The terms and rates of interest and other offers are shown as provided by lenders with whom you are matched by Afinoz. Such disclosures are current or as per the date indicated.
  • Afinoz is not the maker of any loan product, loan rates or any loan commitments. It is not even a lender. All credit decisions disclosed, such as conditional rates, loan terms, approvals offered to you are the sole responsibility of the lenders and will differ depending on your loan request, the financial situation you are in and other criteria deemed fit to the lenders you are matched to. The advertised terms/rates may not be meant for all consumers.
  • Your application may not be matched with a particular loan offer made by a particular lender. Afinoz only arranges for different conditional loan offers via its widespread network of non-affiliated lenders and does not, by any means, guarantee that a particular lender will provide you a particular conditional loan offer. For more details, you may refer to our Terms of Use Agreement, which governs such information and associated terms.
  • The FICO score refers to the credit score report by FICO, which a lender obtains from a reporting agency.

Disclosure related to Mobile:

By clicking on the "Agree and Continue" button on the Afinoz website, you provide your consent, agree to and acknowledge the following:

  • Our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use Agreement and to receive communications /important notices from our side.
  • We deem to obtain an express “written” consent from your end to share your personal information with our network partners,out authorized third parties , who may call you on our behalf through automated means , mobile device, telephone, email etc- even if your phone number is listed on any Do-Not-Call(DNC) list belonging to any state, national, federal, corporate or internal authority.
  • We deem to obtain an express “written” consent from your end, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, for Afinoz and its lender partners matched with you, to get your credit report/credit profile from any of the contracted Credit Bureau(s). This is required as a part of your prequalification process for credit inquiry.
  • That you have obtained and reviewed the Mortgage Broker Disclosures for my state.

Disclosure related to Free Afinoz Services

The offers appearing on our website are from different companies from which we receive compensation. This compensation may determine how and where the related products appear on our site. Afinoz does not feature offers from all loan options or lenders available in the market.

What part of our services in relation to your loan request is absolutely free?

You do not need to render any fee/cost when you submit a loan request, obtain a match with any lender or get an offer or a quote. You may review such offers/quotes and talk to your preferred lenders, without incurring any cost. Your chosen lender may eventually ask for a fee while processing your loan application, credit report or appraisal but till the time you agree to pay the requisite fee to the lender, you can continue shopping on the Afinoz platform for free.

How does Afinoz get paid?

Afinoz does not charge any fee from you for using its services. We are paid by the lenders for facilitating your request to them.

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