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Best Student Credit Cards for 2019
12 Feb 2019 3 min
Credit Card: Best Student Credit Cards for 2019

What are the Key Factors for Selecting a Credit Card?

Credit cards come with a lot of conditions, so you must be cautious while choosing a credit card. You can take into consideration the following points before choosing the credit card as a student:

  1. Annual Fees- Make sure that the credit card company doesn’t charge a yearly fee. Various credit card providers offer their credit card at no annual fees.

  2. Bonus and Rewards- Credit cards offer you a multitude of benefits regarding points and cash backs. While choosing the credit card, you must do a comparative analysis of the various rewards points offered by these credit companies.

  3. Foreign Transaction Fees- As a student if you are planning to travel abroad or study abroad then find out a credit card which offers no foreign transaction fees.

  4. Upgrade opportunities- Also check whether the credit company allows you to upgrade from student credit card to regular card.

Best Student Credit Cards for 2019

Here is the tabular representation of 5 best student credit cards along with its key features:


Name of the card

Ideal For

Foreign Transaction Fees

Regular APR

Annual Fee


  • This card is perfect for cash back and rewards.

  • It Chrome card gives students a cashback of $20 every year if their GPA stays above 3.0 for 5 years.

No Foreign Transaction Fees

14.99% - 23.99%

Zero Annual Fees

Deserve Edu Mastercard for Students

  • This card is perfect for international students

  • It gives 1% cashback on all the purchases

No Foreign transaction fees


No Annual Fees

Journey® Student Rewards from Capital One®

  • This card is perfect for students who are looking for card with great cash back offers.

  • It gives you 1% cash back on every purchase and 1.25% cash back every time you pay on time.

No Foreign Transaction Fees


No Annual Fees

Citi Bank Thank You Card

  • This is an excellent choice for college students. It also gives you the sign-up bonus.

  • On every spending of $1 for dining and entertainment, you earn 2 Thank you points.

  • Every point ranges between $0.005 and $0.01

No Foreign Transaction Fees

16.24 and 26.24

No Annual Fees

State Farm® Student Visa® Credit Card

  • This card also offers point system where if you spend $1 on the insurance premium, you earn 3 points and 1 point every time your spend @2 on other purchases.

  • 1 point per $2 spent on other purchases

No foreign transaction fees

17.24% - 25.24%

No Annual Fees


With the help of this table, you can shortlist the credit card and apply for the same. But remember it comes with repayment clause so us your credit card judiciously. For any query, contact us at +1 (925) 317-8255

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