Which Visa is Required to Start a Business in the USA?

20 Jan 2021

Your plan to travel to that exotic destination hinges on a visa being granted to you by the immigration authority of the country you want to visit. Getting a visa is a tiresome process. Only some countries allow Indians free entry into their country. This is especially true for countries that belong to the commonwealth countries. Lately, travelling into some Common Wealth countries also requires a visa.

What is a Visa?

A visa is a permission to travel into the country for which it is valid. The immigration authority of that country decides whether or not to allow you to enter their country. Most countries conduct an interview with the would-be travelers before granting them visas. They like to satisfy themselves that they are not letting in any person who could stir up trouble within the country or at the diplomatic level.

They want to know why you are visiting. They will ask whether you want immigrant status. They will check your documents to find out whether you are really the person you claim to be. This is done by checking your face against the photograph in your passport. They ask you where you are going to stay while you are in their country. They want to know also how long you are going to stay there.

If you belong to a country that is home to any fatal disease, they will insist on inoculations and immunizations. If there is an epidemic raging in your home country, there are great chances of your visa being rejected.

Visa Applications can be Rejected

There are other grounds for the rejection of your visa. Some countries have stricter rules. The immigration authorities may not be convinced that your reason for travelling to their country is genuine.

There may be some problems in your documents or your documentation may be incomplete.

If you have a criminal history, you will find it very difficult to gain access into most countries.

A visa actually has to be “bought”. There is a fee that has to be paid to the government of the country you want to visit.  So if you haven’t paid this fee, your visa is most likely to be rejected.

Types of Visa

Tourist Visa

Most applied for visas are tourist visas. These are easily granted. They specify the places you can travel to within the host country. They are short term visas. Tourists are welcome visitors to all countries as they are a boost to the economy.

Student Visa

Another category of visa that is sought after is the student visas. Student visas are limited period offers. Your local language proficiency is examined to see whether you know the local language, which may or may not be the language in which you will receive your tuition.

 Business Visas

Business visas are another class which is not difficult to get. If you are intending to do business, it will automatically benefit the host country; therefore, this visa holder is welcome into the country.

The most difficult to come by visa is an immigration visa.

This kind of visa allows a person to stay on indefinitely and finally confers upon him the honor of citizenship. It is difficult to get this visa because the country has to provide many things that are diplomatically mandated.

Visas to the United States of America

It is a dream of many businessmen to do business in America. They find the business environment there attractive and robust. One needs to apply for business loan for startups.

How to apply for business loan startup?

The application process for business loan for startup involves completion of paperwork and other documentation. The first and most important document is a valid passport that has six-month validity at the time of applying. The authorities also want to see your old passport and the old booklet in case you have got a new passport in the recent past.

The next requirement is filling the visa form. This must be filled carefully so that no detail is missed out or misinterpreted.

This form must be deposited along with the visa fee. You now need to book an appointment for an interview with the visa officers. During the course of the interview, you have to produce all the other documents listed on their website. Your movements during your stay in America will need to be discussed. Your business plan will have to be explained in detail.  Your travel plans also need to be spelt out.

You could get the EB-5.

What is EB-5?

This program was created by the federal government in 1990 to encourage foreign investments in America. This kind of visa targets a green card for you. If you can make an investment of $500,000, you qualify for the following benefits:

  • There is no lottery, waiting list, or sponsorship required for getting a green card if you come in this category.
  • Your family also becomes eligible for getting a green card along with you.
  • If you have children below 21 years of age, they are included in this program. Universities accept them against easier standards and they are charged lower fee.
  • You have to prove that the money you are going to invest has come from a lawful source. It could be a gift from an angel investor but you need to have proof of whatever you claim about your investment.
  • It is not mandatory to live where ever you have invested your money. You are free to live anywhere in the United States of America.

What is B-1 Visa?

This visa is meant exclusively for visitors who are entering America for business related work. If you are on this visa, you are not allowed to travel for leisure or fun. You are also not allowed to take up employment.

To get this visa, you have to prove that you do not aspire to become a citizen. You have to provide strong and convincing proof that you have ties in your country of origin. There has to be proof that you have property or a business. Your bank balance could tilt the scales in your favor.

There is a visa waiver for certain category of business travelers who want to travel on the B-1 visa.

The B-1 visas are granted to the following categories:

  • If you come to America with the intention of attending business meetings or consultations this visa is for you. It is for you if you are attending a business convention or conference or negotiating contracts with your American counterparts.
  • If you are settling the estate of a deceased American relative, you can enter on this visa.
  • A foreigner travelling with an American citizen can avail of this visa if he is a domestic helper or a qualified professional.
  • People from the media houses or freelancers of the media have to use a B-1 visa. Some media professionals also fall into the visa waiver category
  • Business men are welcomed in America if they bring with them the money to invest in the country. This helps the economy and creates more jobs. One needs to adhere to the documentation procedures and application process for loan application and approval.

The above-mentioned pointers will be able to help you apply for visa and get loan for starting your business.